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Lorenzo Masetti's CV

Personal Details

Name Lorenzo
Surname Masetti
Birth date August 7th, 1979
Nationality Italian
Military Service Exempt


1998 Liceo Scientifico Leonardo Da Vinci - Firenze. Final mark: 52/60
2005 Corso di Laurea in informatica (Computer Science). Università di Firenze.
  Final Mark: 110 / 110 e lode
  Thesis: Controllo del sistema di alimentazione del tracciatore al silicio dell'esperimento CMS
  (Control of the Power Supply System for the CMS Silicon Strip Tracker of the CMS Experiment at CERN)
  (download in Italian)
2011 Ph.D. in Computer Science, University of Heidelberg, Germany
  Thesis: Implementation of a Large Scale Control System for a High Energy Physics Experiment: The CMS Silicon Strip Tracker (details and download)

Fellowship and Staff at CERN (June 2009 - present)

For additional information please visit my web page @ CERN


The CMS Detector Control System ensures the coherent operation of the CMS experiment by integrating the control systems of the sub-detectors and services. The CMS DCS team provides common tools and guidelines to the sub-detectors DCS developers in order to facilitate the integration and maintainability of the different subsystems. The DCS team is responsible for the system administration and operation of the DCS PC cluster and for the development, configuration and commissioning of the centrally provided services.


Development and enhancement of tools for the operation of CMS during global runs and for the monitoring and operation of the underground racks. Development of the LHC/CMS interface ensuring the handshake with the accelerator. Design and development of a general software system for the protection of the CMS subdetectors in response to critical conditions. Support to the CMS DCS developer community; helping sub-detectors developers to use the CMS tools for their specific requirements. Web based applications for accessing Control System online and historical information from the Web.

Doctoral Student at CERN (June 2006 - May 2009)


Design and development of the Detector Control System for the CMS Tracker (Silicon Strip and Pixel), as a main developer and responsible for the integration of the different developments. Definition of the control hierarchy logic, of the software protection procedures and of the user interfaces. Design and implementation of a general library for keeping updated in real time in a hierarchical structure the count of the devices in each state.


Innovative solutions for the problems arising in the development and integration of large control systems, with a particular emphasis on the optimization of the performance for the retrieval and representation of a large number of parameters. Analysis of the user requirements for the user interfaces of large control systems. Investigation of the possibility of using a model-based development for the automatic prototyping of 3D interfaces for complex control systems.


Ph D. Schools and exams

Technical training at CERN

April 2005: PVSS and JCOP Framework Course
February 2006: PVSS and JCOP Framework Advanced Course

Other relevant software development experiences


Lorenzo Masetti [email protected]

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